Welfare Systems

Social Services: Local administration packages compliant with Ministry reform

The Welfare system provides a solution

The Welfare System provides a management solution for any municipal authority Welfare Dept., and has been developed according to the codelines of the Ministry of Welfare and Social Services. As of mid 2014, the system operates in about 120 local authorities.

Why use the EPR Social Services system?

Fully synchronized with the Financial and Collection systems


Conforms with Ministry of Welfare and Social Services reform


Shared database also serves Social Services, Collection, Population Management and Bookkeeping systems

User-friendly and easy to operate

The system encompasses

System components

- Call Handling Module, including management of incoming calls at the department, initial - classification and forwarding to the relevant entities within the department, including a follow - up of caller history and call status. - Classification and evaluation module. - The Basic Data Module includes logical inspections that help prevent errors in - transmission. The system can connect to the population system in the local authority and - retrieves family data with a click of a button, including data relating to children, reducing - duration of the file opening process, file segmentation, file system unification, reporting - caseworker replacement, including transmission. - Department Task Management Module, monitoring implementation, management tools. - Welfare Payments Center Module. - Advanced Care Sheet Module. - Placement module, including transmission of court orders (for instance: to remove a child - from the care of the parent) and decisions, implementation of placements, updates and - transfers, including a form for opening a new computerized setting. - Civil services module. - Nursing Law Data Module connected to the National Insurance Institute. - Youth Law Reports Module, based on the Israeli law, including Excel reporting. - Authorities’ Reports Module (for example Eligibility Forms), which can be integrated with - the financial system in the local municipal authority, automatically retrieving data and - scanned invoices and enters them into a report with the click of a button. A scanned - signature of the Manager is attached. - Budget Management Module. - Intervention Programs Management Module.

Additional features

- All the relevant reports and forms are produced automatically. - Personnel forms. - Automatic eligibility calculation forms. - Reports on transportation to a rehabilitation day care center. - Sending messages via email to residents and department employees. - File Interface Option for working with existing collection and financial programs (exporting - files for the collection system, retrieving transaction files from Accounting, retrieving - population data and more …). - Automated reminder system, such as prior to the termination of a court order involving the Welfare Dept., or upon entry of new data from the National Insurance Institute, such as - information concerning an elderly citizen who should be under the care of the Welfare Dept., etc. - Dynamic report generator, which enables issuing, reports in any required criteria. - Option of adding various criteria data for monitoring purposes and file classification. - Dynamic work desk according to user type. - Department- and user-level authorizations.

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