Veterinary System

Providing solutions and managing local veterinary services

The EPR Veterinary

Service system includes inventory management, kennel management, bookkeeping and interfaces to Vetclick and the Ministry of Agriculture

The system has several modules

Animal Card

including vaccinations, pictures, complaints, bites, seizure and quarantines.

Inventory Card

including follow up of purchases of products; separate list of materials and chips; inventory status of chips and vaccines (including scanning of existing vaccines per veterinary).


the module provides detailed, summary and graphic reports of all activities; they can be converted into Excel, PDF, TXT, ASCII and HTML and sent via email.


including requests for payment from vendors/businesses by secondary tests and consolidation of secondary tests that were not paid


the system issues receipts for the seizure, quarantine, vaccines and secondary checks modules; each receipt lists the transactions for which it is issued. Receipts can be issued against cash, credit, checks and transfers.

Shelter Management

including a map of the kennel (including a display of animals in each), definition of kennel attributes (maximum number of animals, color, status) and reports. The occupancy rate is updated via the seizure and quarantine modules.

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