Financial Master Mathix

Master Mathix is the most advanced system for financial and logistical management of local authorities.

Collection / Revenue Management

Local authorities that want to manage their operations effectively and innovatively have no better option than ERP systems. Master Mathix can be integrated with the Master Collection system to give local authorities the tools they need to plan their resources optimally. In fact, Master Mathix is the only solution specifically developed for local authorities, taking into consideration their work procedures and report structure.

Why Choose Master Mathix?

Because it operates in full synchronization with EPR’s cutting-edge Master Collection management system. Because it offers a smart, adaptable and advanced tool developed in Israel to meet the requirements of large or small local authorities.


The only system developed in Israel for financial and logistics management in local authorities

Full integration with the collection system enables real-time and full synchronization between collection and accounting

System synchronization with other management components allows deducting money from suppliers if they are also residents of the local authority and owe the authority money

System components

Purchasing Management

from creating a requisition to issuing purchase orders and inputting vendor invoices, while following up balances, budgets and reserves. The Purchasing Management module also manages authorizations based on electronic signatures and allows documents to be scanned directly into the system.

Payment Management

manages suppliers’ invoices and enables users to issue payments through the various payment methods.

Budget Management

plans and creates the budget of the local authority, including approvals and budget versions.

Loan Management

monitors existing loans and how they are handled, including reports of future payments, loans load and more.

Unregistered Budget Management

unique module for local authorities that manages and monitors unregistered budgets.


records journal vouchers, manages ledgers and automatically consolidates ledgers via interfaces to external systems (banks, credit card companies), salary systems and more. Enables users to generate quarterly and annual reports at any point in time based on the Ministry of the Interior's guidelines.

Reports Generator

the system features a report generator that enables users to build and produce reports according to any cross-section, as well as to save different report templates.

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