Enforcement Master Key

Law Enforcement: Monitoring activity, calculating fines and generating appropriate forms

Collection / Revenue Management

Complementing the Master solution, EPR is proud to introduce Master Key, a collection-enforcement application for local authorities that want a way to improve their collection and monitoring capabilities.

The system supports two modes of operation

Online – unique to Master Key, the online mode of operation connects the software to the online data of the Master collection system and handles balances of debtors updated to specific points in time.

Offline – the software is fed with files created in a collection program, enabling the authority to use any collection software.

Why use the EPR Enforcement system?

The EPR Enforcement system is fully synchronized with Collection system


Modular system suiting various customer requirements

Shared database and full synchronization with the Collection system

Updating debts, retrieving debtors’ names or closing files at the touch of a key

User-friendly and easy to operate

The system components

Enforcement Track

Master Key supports a default enforcement track; however, local authorities can also create new enforcement tracks based on their specific requirements, without having to update the software. A single debtor may have different, but parallel enforcement tracks according to the definitions of each debt. At any point in the lifecycle of the track it is possible to define the type of letter that will be sent to the debtor, the stage in the process and how much time should elapse until the next step is taken.

Enforcement Methods

Master Key enables users to work on all debtors that are in a specific enforcement phase as a single unit, send them letters and update their enforcement status as a group. This functionality is ideal for defining cases in which system actions will not be triggered despite the fact that the debtors meet the enforcement criteria set for the group.

Individual Enforcement Monitoring

Each action in Master Key against a debtor is written in detail on the debtor's ledger. It is possible to view and print all details of open or closed enforcement. It is also possible to send letters such as notices of attachments to third parties.

Reports and Queries

Master Key includes a wide range of reports and queries of debtors' data, enforcement statuses and cross-sections of controls designed to make collection enforcement more effective.

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