Education Systems

School and kindergarten registration and placement

The education system provides a solution

The education system provides a management solution for the Education Dept., student enrollment, placement in schools, and management of educational institutions within the local municipal authority.

Why use the EPR Education software system?

EPR Education software is fully synchronized with the Debt Collection and Population Management systems


Custom-designed for local/municipal authorities in Israel

Shared database also used by Debt Collection system

System synchronization saves precious work time and links children’s school registration and placement with appropriate billing and collection procedures

The system encompasses


- Online Enrollment in Educational Institutions Module. - “Enrollment Candidates” display screen including screening and advanced search according to various criteria. - Option for manual enrollment that is not issued by the Ministry of the Interior’s population registry data. - Child data display screen, including history of educational institutions, attendance, parent and sibling data. - Link to existing population data in the local authority.


- Placement in Educational Institutions Module, including screening and advanced search - according to various criteria. - Placement Status Management for irregular cases such as an authorization for study - outside the enrollment area. - Attaching and scanning documents including email correspondence for each child - separately, while setting up a computerized file for each child. - Management and Enrollment Option for additional programs, such as “meals”, “after - school lessons”, etc. - Producing response letters to caller, such as placement authorization, meals enrollment - authorization, letter [regarding] a process on hold, merging letters. - Producing managerial reports, such as placement by institution, placement outside the - geographical enrollment area, children in the local authority who are not enrolled and other - options. - Screen for effective and rapid transfer of students from year to year.

Institution management

- Institution Management Module, including designating an institution by enrollment area, nature of the institution, setting up relevant contact details. - Attaching and scanning documents including email correspondence for each institution separately – creating a computerized file for each institution.

Interfaces and advantages

- Link to Collection and Accounting Systems. - Exporting data and reports directly to MS Excel with the click of a button. - Interfaces with the Ministry of Education. - Option of receiving files from and exporting files to the School Management System. - User &Authorization Management screen. - Single database containing number of work years, thus enabling uninterrupted work - periods and seamless transition between years.

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