Software enabling local residents to retrieve data from any location at any time

EPR Population Management

software informs local residents of the official statistics concerning them, displaying various types of data retrieved from the local tax and water supply systems

Why use EPR Population Management software?


Available from any location at any time

Saving on personnel - The system provides a wealth of information, thus cutting down on residents’ questions

Bill payment procedures include feedback on balances

Joint document viewing option

BILL2MAIL at the touch of a key

The system components


Displaying family ties, ID Card numbers and up-to-date particulars


Property details, area, addresses, local rates, etc.

Debt Balances

Debt balances for each property, including differentiation between principal and interest

Occasional Payments

Paying local/municipal authority bills at will: Shows and performances, fees and other required payments

Water and Drainage

Meter readings and water consumption, by category and cost, over a six-month period.


Optional E-mail billing at the click of a key: Saves paper and money as part of the shift to green administration

Internal Telephone Directory

Displaying telephone numbers of employees in all departments of the local/municipal authorities. and more…

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