It's no secret that behind every successful company 
lies strong and effectively managed financial backing.

Intelligent Managing Leads to Success

It’s not a secret that every successful company has a strong economic backing, administered in a correct and efficient manner. Cities and local authorities are a kind of company, and in order to prosper and be successful, they must govern their resources wisely, collect funds, facilitate the convenient operation of billing systems, while managing the proper bookkeeping of the authority’s accounts.


The advantage of working with EPR’s software is its unified database connecting all of the authority’s relevant information systems into a single database. This provides the authority with a solution for managing billing and collection in a quiet, simple, and easy manner.


EPR software can interface with third party systems and to any of the authority’s existing information systems, which facilitates the management of a unified database. The EPR applications are user friendly, operate in a windowed environment, and supply authorities with a full and comprehensive solution.


The company specializes in adapting each system to the customer’s need, thanks to flexible development tools and high programming capabilities. Cutting-edge technology and high service delivery levels have made EPR a leader in the realm of local government. The company employs dozens of skilled workers and provides solutions to several dozen local authorities across Israel. EPR Systems is the home of software for authorities.





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