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EprCRM is a cutting-edge solution developed by EPR for customer relationship management.

EprCRM is a cutting-edge solution developed by EPR for customer relationship management.

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Supports operational continuity of the call center and the local authority in the transition from normal to emergency operations, providing a complete response for both work methods in a single system.

User-friendly and easy to operate, the system is based on Office and is personalized according to the needs of each user and local authority.

Flexibility to make changes, improvements and to build interfaces to other systems such as GIS.

Full integration with other EPR systems, including sending notifications to debtors, creating work orders and managing processes.

Remote and web interfaces enable to work from any place and any time from a PC at home or via mobile phone. It is also possible to connect to the system from operation centers that become operational during emergencies.

Possibility to receive requests from residents via the website or mobile phone.

Variety of real-time reports to monitor deviations from handling times, including graphs showing the distribution of calls and other management data.

Messaging options include text messages (SMS), e-mails and/or pagers, automatically or manually.

High reliability in the execution of tasks and optimum response times during emergencies.

Up-to-date emergency system adapts to the conclusions drawn from exercises by the Home Front Command and other events from recent periods.

Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface for viewing tasks.

Management of structured processes (that are not event-related requests, like a request for a building permit) at all departments of the local authority; monitoring all stages of the process ­from receipt of the resident’s request to resolution.

EPR’s professional support, which always available and which has become a company trademark. Exceptional support enables the system to grow hand in hand with the customer, its needs and technological developments. 

System components

Call Center Management

Easy and quick management of incoming calls (the number is automatically obtained and assigned to the requestor), including access to a repository of maps and satellite photos immediately upon receipt of a service request Distribution of tasks to departments based on event type - Control of the time spent by each department on each task - Immediate transition to emergency operation without altering the work methods at each station - Automatic or manual remittance of notifications at any time during an event - Control and management of events - Control of the quality of event handling - SLA on the time spent handling requests - Ability to create work procedures and inquiries for any type of event - Quick and easy attachment of documents and scanned images to any event or procedure - Routing of residents’ requests received via the website or cellular applications

Task Management by Department

- Automated implementation of the local authority's service charter with the residents, including monitoring, alerting and reports for all departments - Filtering of tasks for all departments - Creating, receiving and handling requests via smartphones - Routing events and work interfaces between departments - Notifications and personal messages to all employees in the system - Issuing built-in tasks for employees - Distribution into work teams that include employees from different departments

Relationship with Residents

- Sending notifications to residents according to segment - Quick and easy access to documented requests and follow up on the details of the requestor in the Collections system - Ability to create groups of residents to quickly send notifications to them

Reports Generator

- By any criteria and for any of the other modules - Export to Excel - Built-in reports

Management System

- Automatic generation of reports for department managers - Transmission of data to managers in real-time about work in progress - Ability to create various types of tasks for the departments - Ability to plan and create a checklist of tasks for each event or request - Authorizations system provides full control of the number of notifications sent and the - - -authorizations of each user

Emergency System

- Display of a dynamic toolbar of events for all system users immediately when switching to - emergency operation - Integration and distribution of volunteers into action teams - Delivery of notifications to emergency teams - Monitoring the readiness of shelters and other emergency centers - Ability to store the files of sites and educational institutions and related documents such as aerial and other photos - Management of consumption data during emergencies, including recording of stocks of - food and water - Ability to store data about people with disabilities - Immediate connectivity to the authority’s population database to find all the people living in each household - Medical evacuation management, including ambulances, hospitals and medical personnel

Process Management

- Definition of structured and recurring work processes, except when different departments - participate in the process - Renders it unnecessary for residents to submit forms for approval to the various - departments, enabling employees to invest their time and effort handling requests - Control table enables to monitor the status of a process at all times - Reports help identify bottlenecks in services provided to residents


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