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Collection and Population - Management System

Collection / Revenue Management

Multipurpose, modular system that enables local authorities to manage all billing and collection operations for all types of revenues, including taxes, fees and levies.

Why use the EPR Collection system?

The EPR Collection System is fully synchronized with the Financial, Educational and Social Services systems


Custom-designed for local/municipal authorities in Israel


Shared database and full synchronization with Education, Social Services and Bookkeeping systems

Interfaces with third-party systems

User-friendly and easy to operate

System components

Billing Production Management

- Generate periodic and annual bills - Manage accounting of bills for various types of charges - Export files to any format and printing service - Manage city tax rates - Historical rates - Discounts table - Names of city tax rates - Internal areas table

Data Update Management

- Interest calculation - Input of vouchers - Voucher management - Import payment files - Interest and linkage differentials - Retroactive changes to assets

Payment Method Management

- By credit card, standing order or check; via postal bank or over the Internet; cash and cash management. All credit card transactions are securely processed by CreditGuard, according to the PCI DSS Level 1 standard.

Payment and Charge Management

- Transfers between accounts/branches - Return of standing orders - Return of checks that have been cancelled - Modification/cancellation of payment data - Automatic/manual remittance of standing orders - Deductions from salaries - Standing orders by credit card - Asset transfer - Offset of debts

Payment Table Management

- Charge types table - Creating groups of students/residents - Classifications - Institutions for standing orders - Budget items - Bank and bank branch table - Index data - Foreign currency exchange rates - Collection site - Asset types - Notification management - Bank accounts - Charge groups

Reports and Queries

- Account status report - Payment orders and receipts - Different types of financial reports - Management of standing orders and postdated checks - Built-in connectivity to accounting systems

Service Programs Management

- Create payee - Create assets - Connectivity to auxiliary systems - Archive - User authorization management - Display of historical actions - Definition of parameters - Connection to ATM applications - Automatic backup management

Educational Institution Management

- Registration for educational institutions - Classroom infrastructure, trends and tracks - Transition between classes - External student management


The system manages educational institutions, schools and kindergartens, including infrastructures and their interconnectivity. The system supports loading data and comparing it to the data of the Ministry of the Interior.

Management of Day Care Centers and Kindergartens

- Registration and reports - Discounts based on income tables - Children tariffs rate - Transition between years - Retroactive changes - Monthly closing

Water and Sewage Management

This is a fully integrated module that manages reading of the water meters in the local authority, including complete handling of all processes, from deployment of the municipal infrastructure (primary meters, secondary meters, etc.) and recording the meter data to generating automatic charge orders.

Input of Meter Reading Data

- Computer-based metering and generation of reports along the meter-reading route - Input of data based on advanced technological platforms, including, among other things, interfaces to handheld terminals and transmission of readings directly to the data server center - Built-in reports and queries

Population Management

A series of programs for management of all population data in the local authority – from creating the data for each household and resident to segmentation of detailed data for any need. - Create and update household data - Create data for assets owned by each household - Manage household infrastructure data for municipal billing systems - Built-in interfaces to the Ministry of the Interior systems - Introduce and update data from external databases and make comparisons - Manage requests for discounts - Automatic notification system for managing and monitoring requests - Scanning and archiving of various types of documents and approvals into household file

Data Infrastructure Management

- Management of water rates based on different levels and classifications - Display, management, control and recording of historical rates - Infrastructure of parameters for defining rates - Monitoring and handling based on meter status - Update of meter data - Management and follow up of meter replacement

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