Licensing Systems

Monitoring and administration

The system is Windows based, has rich functionality and a user friendly and intuitive interface. It can be updated based on the licensing regulations in effect.

Why use the EPR Business Licensing system?

The EPR Business Licensing system is fully synchronized with the Collection system


Modular system suiting various customer requirements


Full synchronization with the Collection system: Business license invoices can be generated at the touch of a key

User-friendly and easy to operate

The system encompasses

Licensing Decree

- The system has the list of items determined by law; authorized users can modify the list as needed - It is possible to add municipal auxiliary laws and include them in the licensing file - It is also possible to add an internal employee of the local authority as a function authorized to provide a license

License File

including owners/managers, signage, legal follow up (enforcement), pictures, attachments, scanned documents, supervision (business audit), contacts, alerts, remarks, archive and statement of accounts. The variety of lists and reports is virtually unlimited.

Input Control

including errored dates, incorrect file status, alerts on errored details/inputs, alerts on the next best action like printing the license after issuing the corresponding approvals.

File Search

the file-search mechanism functions with all the fields entered and includes numerous classifications and filters.

File Print

the system has approximately 50 built-in forms, including business licenses (permanent, renewal, temporary), applications, approval of submissions, preliminary opinions, additional conditions, labels, rejection letters, debit notes, and more. It is also possible to store all system forms automatically in PDF format and send them via email with an electronic signature. The forms can be adapted to the look and feel of the local authority. Each form is automatically saved after printing and can be easily retrieved.

Supervision (Business Audit)

screen for local authorities that have supervisors and/or sanitarians. Users can create relevant topics for audit purposes, including an audit plan and reports. The system also has built-in supervision forms.


a graphic calendar displays the year as per the user’s preferences. Each month has different markings for files being handled, renewals and so forth.

License Track

prints the different phases of the business’ license.

Preliminary Data

prints a Word document with preliminary data about the request by item/entity.


the system offers a series of built-in individual/summary (statistical) reports that can be classified and filtered according to the user’s preferences. All reports can be exported to Excel, HTML and PDF, and sent automatically via e-mail.

Graphic Reports

all statistics can be graphically displayed, saved to PDF and sent by e-mail.


each user can create alerts for any topic, including a link to the license file and its forms.

Link to the Government Portal

to view preliminary item-based information.


business licensing website for the local authority to view files, download forms and more.


to send text messages to business owners about renewals, etc.

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