Banks Liens

Attachment of debtors’ bank accounts and credit cards

Asset Forfeiture

Master Banks system for bank account and credit card foreclosure, allows the production

of foreclosure listing of debtors, foreclosure updates ,changes and relevant reports.

Why use the EPR Asset Forfeiture system?

The EPR’s Asset Forfeiture system is fully synchronized with the Collection system:


Modular system suiting various customer requirements

Shared database and full synchronization with Collection and Enforcement systems

Asset seizure orders generated and activated at the touch of a key

User-friendly and easy to operate

Individual asset forfeiture

Enables seizure of an individual debtor’s assets, determining whether seizure orders were sent, on what date and through which bank

Seizure administration

Debtors’ name retrieval from the Enforcement system according to designated criteria; across-the-board seizures at the touch of a key

Generating orders to banks

Generating orders to banks at which debtors still have balances for withdrawal

Bank response input

Asset forfeiture details regarding all appropriating institutions

The system has several modules

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